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h1. Jyson: A pure-java JSON codec for jython. 

 Jyson is a "JSON": codec written back in 2005. See here for [[JysonPastFuture|information about the past, present and future of jyson]]. 

 You can download jyson from the "Files": link below. " downloads site": . The download includes both source and binaries, i.e. a .jar file containing jyson compiled. 

 Jyson was written for jython 2.5, and thus requires at least java 5. 

 Here is the [[JysonDocumentation|jyson documentation]]. If you have any questions about jyson, you may want to check the [[JysonFaq|jyson FAQ]]. 

 If you find any bugs in jyson, please "file a new issue": on the "jyson bug tracker": .